How to Download and Install TD TV Service

You will be using an app called TD TV Service to view the live channels.  To get the TD TV Service app, please install using an app called Filelinked.  If you do not have Filelinked, go to this link for instructions:    


Once you have installed Filelinked to your android device (Firestick), you will type in the code 94211956 and download/install the app called TD TV Service to your device.  

Your username and password will be emailed to you to the email address that you put into the system.  You will enter this username and password into the TD TV Service app to start your service.


After you install the TD TV app, you will need to click on "account" in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.  Then you will enter your username and password where it says "update login".  After entering this information, you will back out of the app and come back in and click on "login".  



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